Syros, Greece — September 2014.

Xenia with the sun.

Mykonos, Greece — September 2014.

" And so we decorate our existence. "
by The inimitable Apostolis Bontis.

Full moon over our little bay.

Sunset over my little corner of the sea.

Agios Ioannis Diakoftis, Mykonos — September, 2014.

Spent much of everyday at this little dock. Picking up clients, tying to, watching the high-speed ferries going by, and re-arranging lines as the fishermen come in and shout for space.

September, 2014 — Agios Ioannis Diakoftis, Mykonos, Greece.

Artemis’ Mom looking out over her home.

September, 2014 — Syros, Greece.

Manoli and Artemis talk politics while we all sip ouzo and eat sea urchin roe.

Agios Ioannis Diakoftis, Mykonos — August, 2014.

This girl gets a night off, and still she can’t stay away from ze boats.

Got a bag of prunes and some cheese and crackers, some Jim Beam in my flask, and plopped down on the water with my copy of Endurance for a bit of inspiration. 

Ornos Bay, Mykonos — August, 2014.

Little kitties are all over this island, I know. But sometimes they’re just so damned cute.

Mykonos, Greece — August, 2014.


Going to space was already on my shortlist.

Now I just have more cool things to look at.

Go diving, find an octopus in a shell.

Pretty normal for Mykonos.

Mykonos, Greece — August 2014.

Midnight sailor-grill-feast.

Rhenia, Greece — August, 2014.

We just put up a new genoa on our boat — just in time for the real Myconian winds to start blowing 30-40 knots everyday. 

Got in a nasty motorcycle accident about a week ago and walked away with only a few stitches where most people can’t see them. Walking lightly these days. 

Things have been hard — but they’ve always been harder. Feeling very lucky, and very grateful, lately.

Next steps: keep traveling, or go home?