The water is this color — everywhere.

Would it surprise you to know that life is up in the air? My Schengen visa expires in a little over a month. If I don’t find a creative solution, I’ve got to get out of [Schengen] Europe. India, South Africa, California, southeast Asia…or back to the USA? Hard to tell. 

For now, my best bet is finally applying for Greek citizenship! We’ve been reaching out to family in the hopes that they have the necessary documents, and that they might know where the rest of our family is in Greece. The lovely lady pictured above is my great-grandmother. She and her husband emigrated to the US — apparently he had blue eyes, just like me.

Sure, they probably won’t let me stay in the country while my application is pending. But finding documents like these makes navigating the Greek bureaucracy completely worth it.

Looking down on the little harbor of Agios Ioannis on the south side of Mykonos Island.

You can see my sailboat, Tropic, in the corner. 

I came back early to the Fiumicino airport before my flight a few weeks ago, and families were camped everywhere around the airport, trying to catch a few winks before their early flights.

This little love was sleeping just next to my spot. I couldn’t help but catching a shot. 

It’s been 3 days since I’ve stepped off the boat and back on land. I actually forgot where I put my shoes.

This is my wifi spot! Sitting here drinking frappé until I go back to prepare the boat for our evening sailing charter.

Happy Mykonos morning to you, wherever in the world you are.

Note to self: Never [repeat] NEVER stay home when invited over to the fisherman’s boat, even if you’d really rather just clean up and do laundry and read on the deck.

Got treated to fresh little sea urchin eggs, still wriggling and salty fresh from the sea. We drank ouzo in styrofoam cups and argued Greek politics.

Mykonos, Greece — August, 2014.


Mykonos, Greece — August, 2014.

Things are sploding round here. 

View from the boat. 

Agios Ioannis, Mykonos — August, 2014.

Notes from the road. Trying to figure out what came next while sailing in Croatia.

July 12, 2014.

Sia - Chandelier (Official Video)



… and the buffalo smiled:
“The risk of spending your life
not doing what you want on the bet
you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”
— in the middle of nowhere.

I have no idea of the context here. But there’s a buffalo in my head that has said this to me at least a few times.

Guess that’s why I’m still in Greece, eh…

At the end of May, my lovely little Canon 600D was stolen. Ugh. Nothing worse than that. Fortunately, I bought a warrantee. Bamyesadultlifescore. 

The insurance company finally pulled through and “upgraded” me (with a small fee) to a Canon 100D. Besides the hassle and the misery of traveling through Provence, Rome, and Croatia without a camera (!!!), I finally have a trusty little memory maker with me again. The 100D is incredible — bright colors, expanded aperture settings, and smaller size/lighter weight. So far, I LOVE it.

…now to get some good editing software.

Breakfast with Giorgos at the farm in Santorini.

Fresh picked figs with Greek coffee. Even though my Greek is very rusty (and his English is even worse), we manage to have really hilarious conversations. That morning, he swore that the average Greek man could drink 6 beers and perform better in bed than any American guy after 2 drinks. I can’t pass judgment, so I’ll just have to trust his word and take as many laughs as I can get. 

A little kooky, that guy. But he sure knows how to make me feel loved when I’m far from home. 

Onion flowers growing in Oia near the abandoned car where we used to ponder the meaning of whatever it was we were doing so far from home. 

" If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. "
by Nikola Tesla